International Submissions 2021

The 7th Earls Court Film Festival is excited and exceptionally proud to present a staggeringly diverse mix of short films for your viewing pleasure this year.

With 100+ films to enjoy, covering all genres, there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

Our International Submissions 2021 include films ranging from BFI and Tribecca award-winners to exceptional low budget films produced by the world’s most talented filmmakers, and everything in between.

Sincere thanks to our International Submissions judging panel

ECIFF 2021 International film submission judges

Lorraine Davis Karine Bedrossian
David Yorke Caio Cortonesi
Lia Craig Diane Gueho
Pavel Rjabtsenkov Lennie Varvarides
Benjamin Suarez Jimenez Samya DeMeo

ECIFF 2021 Festival judges (Events)

David Yorke Scott Mcdonald Lia Craig
Karine Bedrossian Jenny Runacre Diane Gueho
Vahid Evazzdeh Jamie Hodge Pavel Rjabtsenkov
Caio Cortonesi Christiana Ebohon Pavel Rjabtsenkov
Jennifer Macdonald Wayne Sleep Benjamin Suarez – Jimenez
Aro Korol Cilla Ware Samya DeMeo
Name Person Country
A Letter To My Friend In France Akram Elbezzawy Egypt
A Midnight Robbery Raghda Karam Egypt
A Simple Examination Meysam Saberi Fard Iran, Islamic Republic of
ALLAGOL Hana Hanachi Iran, Islamic Republic of
Blocked Milad Mansouri Iran, Islamic Republic of
Blue dream Michaël Marie, Anthony Légal France
Blue Peter Marko Šantić Croatia
Brothers Again Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola Switzerland
Cocoon Yavar Darehzami Iran, Islamic Republic of
Covid Love Rene Nuijens Netherlands
Crofton Joe Patten United Kingdom
Cutstein Hamidreza Khosh-Bazan Iran, Islamic Republic of
Cyn Ben Desmond UK
Dancing With Rainbow Hassan Mokhtari Iran, Islamic Republic of
Eternal Knot Harikrishna D India
Fallen Matt Todd UK
Feast Gillian Harker United Kingdom
Fried egg Mahnoush sheykhi Iran, Islamic Republic of
Good Girl Raheleh Karami Iran, Islamic Republic of
Hey, ma Laurie Barraclough United Kingdom
In the Eye of the Beholder Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola, Jan-David Bolt Switzerland
Join me Anaïs Nativel (Beziers IT) France
Karma Arshia Zeinali Iran, Islamic Republic of
La Der Des Der Patrice Guillain France
Lullaby Elham Khazaei Iran, Islamic Republic of
Macular Mohsen Tizhoush Iran, Islamic Republic of
Milonga Craig Talbot UK
Mind Over Matter Diana Novikova United Kingdom
More Than Other Romano Pizzichini, Breno Moreira United Kingdom
My dear quarantine Ewa Maria Wolska Poland
My Left Eyebrow Keiko McAssey United States
No place for rest Cristobal Lopez Chile
Nothing special Anthony Légal, Michaël Marie France
Pappo E Bucco ANTONIO LOSITO Italy
Pink Me Blue Natalie MacMahon Germany
Rear View Daniel Rands United Kingdom
Senza Fine (The Weekend) Camilla Simoncini Italy
School Ties Oscar Albert UK
Sisterhood Frank Harper UK
Sofia Gaspard Le Dourner, Toni Isabella Valenzi Belgium
Sol Sol Àlex ARROYO Spain
Spring in Autumn Ghasideh Golmakani Russian Federation
Swallow Your Dreams Dan Sloan (Special Submission) UK
SWÄN SØNG Daniel Christophersen Norway
Symbiosis Raul Zavala Chile
The Blue Lipstick Saeed Bahman Iran, Islamic Republic of
The Colorless Leaf Behzad Yaghmouri Iran, Islamic Republic of
The Hero Of Two Worlds Jorgen van Dongen Netherlands
The Impatient Man Who Made His Life Considerably Shorter Louis Norton Selzer United Kingdom
The Magentalman and The Gentlemint James Crang United Kingdom
The Quiet Radheya Jegatheva Australia
The Ribbon United States
The Snail Mohammad Torivarian Iran, Islamic Republic of
The sea around us Laura Villamisar Aguilar, Javier Robles Álvarez, Julián Muñoz Monge Spain
The Self-Seers Matthew David Ridley Korea, Republic of
The Statue (Peykareh) Mohsen Salehi Fard Iran, Islamic Republic of
The Withdrawal Chandni Srivastava India
The Wound Sahar Nourmonavar Iran, Islamic Republic of
Viskar I Vinden James Newman United Kingdom
When The Snow Will Melt Losing Truth Italy