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International Submissions 2020

White Cane

Vanessa is a passionate, talented dancer. She is also blind. Is there a place for her in the competitive world of dance? Vanessa meets Danielle, who yearns to dance but struggles to translate her passion [...]


A group of friends decide to play a game of Werewolf. As distrust, lynching and dietary requirements put their friendship out of balance, the Werewolf remains hidden in plain sight. Writer: David Ellis. Director: Markus [...]

Walter the Dog

Christopher Wright is a lonely man who’s best and only friend is his dog Walter. His son is ignoring him, he has no other family and he lives in an isolated house in the middle [...]

The Scene

David doesn’t want to go out. He wants to stick to his sofa, play PlayStation and watch the neighbours through the blinds. But when his ex husband Troy arrives with a fresh outfit for him, [...]

The New Curios

After an environmental apocalypse the air is deadly. A woman makes the dangerous journey to the bunker, hoping to find news of her missing daughter Director, Editor and DOP: David Hutchison. Writer: April-Wendy Hayes.

The Edge

The story follows the day of a girl who struggles with an every day nine-to-five life, in the fast paced world in which we live. Whilst trying to maintain any semblance of normalcy, she deep [...]

Winners and Finalists Competition (2015 to 2019)

Vigorous Torque

Kelly Whitefish, an instruction manual author, mistakes her plumber for her blind date. It’s a classic mix-up filled with hilarious innuendo and light-hearted romance. Written by: Kristin Schaack, Justin Schaack, Aaron Henry, Marc Drummond, Ashley [...]


In the future, working is no longer a necessity. A scientist evades depression by dwelling in a hedonistic virtual reality environment, until a mysterious ‘terrorist’ invades her simulation, leading her to face her deepest fears. [...]


Lien dreams of art school but is trapped by the debt her family took on to escape their home country and build a new life. She struggles to lift herself and her family out of [...]

Tory Baby

A political satire about a left-leaning couple whose worst nightmare comes true… Writer/Director/Producer: Dan Sloan. Didzis Starastins, Co-producer

The Seventh Zombie

When Antonius Block returns to his native Sweden to find the land in the  grip of the zombie plague, he challenges Death to a game of Countdown.  But Death is not only very good at [...]

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