On discovering a cache of 8mm movies, singer songwriter Juliet Lawson unveiled some astonishing footage from the late 60’s and early 70’s. On digitizing these old films 50 years later, she rediscovered a childhood in Bedfordshire and Chelsea, teenage travels to the USSR, Berlin, Rome, Turkey and Greece, as well as Argentina and the USA on business trips with her parents.

These were the beginnings and inspirations for her life as a songwriter, recording albums from the 70’s until the present day, performing one woman shows and playing in venues in London and beyond. Also a trained artist, Juliet worked briefly at the Royal Court theatre, as a trainee designer.

The segment of the film you will see is the first chapter of 6, dealing with the home movies compiled around family life in the late 1960’s. As the series progresses, the narrative winds and moves in all sorts of directions.

Jason Gurr has directed several documentaries his most recent being one about the Children’s Film Foundation, which is now available through the BF!.

Directed by Jason Gurr