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ECFF 2021

BEAUTIFIED – ECFF 2019 Finalist

DESCRIPTION When imagination and freedom of speech are hindered by pre-determined boundaries, only a higher power can provide a breakthrough. Rami's encounter with "his friend in France" proves this thesis, and with a little [...]

Blue Peter

Petar is a young police officer who has just begun his carrer, he lives with his parents in a small maisonette.

Brothers Again

An elderly man reconciles with his long lost brother, but the happiness of the family reunion soon turns into a nightmare.


Liverpool 1960. Art students, Cyn and John, find their blossoming romance in a state of flux as music and fame starts to overtake their passion.

Hey, ma

After seeing a woman she believes to be her lost mother in a car park, Katrina pursues her through

More Than Other

In the UK, there is currently no official recognition of Latin Americans being their own ethnic minority.

Swallow Your Dreams

Director: Dan Sloan (Special Submission) Country: UK James (Paul McGann) finds himself the unlikely composer of a beautiful symphony in his dreams, which - at the expense of his [...]

The Quiet

When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation.


World weary couple Pete and Susan - like the majority of the modern world - have resigned themselves to a life of bleak monotony. They start to question everything they thought they knew when [...]

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