World weary couple Pete and Susan – like the majority of the modern world – have resigned themselves to a life of bleak monotony. They start to question everything they thought they knew when a mysterious boy appears, drenched with rain, on the doorstep of their London home. He claims to come from a world where there is no suffering, a world that is not ‘Fallen’. The more they see, the more they begin to wonder: is it true?

‘Fallen’ is a story and a message I’ve been desperate to tell for 15 years. We, in Britain, are one of the most cynical nations in the world, and I have been endlessly fascinated to explore what it would take to reverse our cynicism?

I’m so grateful to the Earl’s Court Film festival for their support of ‘Fallen’. Our exceptional child actor, Jonah Paull, is no stranger to the Festival having featured previously in the uplifting short film ‘The Last Day of Summer’. I am constantly encouraged by the capacity of Film to explore the depths of human experience, and I applaud the efforts of visionaries such as The Earl’s Court Film Festival who keep the magic alive!

Director: Matt Todd
Country: UK