Ghaffari’s monumental artwork, almost eleven metres high, will decorate the walls of a brand-new helical staircase designed for the restored wing, which will connect all levels of Leighton’s historic house and will, alongside a lift, facilitate improved access for all.

The artwork draws on a 13th-century Persian poem exploring themes of love and knowledge, weaving ancient traditions into abstract form and building a bridge between literature and art. The central visual theme of turquoise calligraphy responds to the traditional designs in Leighton’s iconic Arab Hall. The theme is amplified by a dynamic double helix which echoes the spiral form of the staircase and symbolises a new artistic DNA.

Leighton House Museum, the spectacular former studio-house of PRA Frederic, Lord Leighton (1830-1896), is is currently undergoing a major project to renovate visitor facilities, add exhibition space and provide public access for all. A key part of this project has been the construction of a spectacular helical staircase, located at the opposite end of the building to Leighton’s famous Arab Hall.

Oneness is a large-scale contemporary mural by Iranian artist Shahrzad Ghaffari, which has been commissioned to decorate the walls of the new helical staircase. Inspired by the unique fusion of East and West that is the legacy of the house, the artwork celebrates the completion of the major renovation of the building and will become a permanent, meaningful link between its past, present and future.


To complete this project and bring Oneness to everyone’s lives, Leighton House needs to raise £17,300. In return for your donation, you will be able to choose among a range of bespoke rewards inspired by this unique piece of art and Leighton’s treasures.

“Donate now and help transform our new helical staircase into an everlasting artwork.”

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Shahrzad Ghaffari, Artist