Jenny Runacre

EARL’S COURT WOMEN IN FILM Jenny Runacre is instantly recognisable as an actress on English-language screen and stage, with a huge number of credits to her name. Immersed [...]

Jake Lancaster

WINNER 2019 2025: THE LONG HOT WINTER Jake: Caroline and the Film Earl’s Court team are the best. I mean, I really wish every borough had people as dedicated [...]

Caio Cortonesi

WINNER 2019 ASRA Caio Cortonesi was an accomplished music and film director and producer in his native Brazil. Then he packed a laptop and some clothes into a bag and flew to London. [...]

Trace Taylor

WINNER 2016KID GLOVESEarl’s Court Film Festival winner, Trace Taylor edits UK TV programmes for all of the major broadcast channels. She has also edited award-winning short films that have been screened, and won industry accolades, [...]

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