I wrote “Feeling Wobbly? Ask Fizzy to Magic it Away” during the first lock down to help children regain calm and confidence, after the period when children have been unable to interact with other children.

I knew from previous experience, similar to lock down, how this time would be emotionally devastating to some children. My older son, who was immune-deficient, spent some time every winter for six years in isolation in St. Stephen’s Hospital.

Although the book has been written for 4-8 year olds, Fizzy’s recommendations help de-stress all ages.

Fizzy’s exercises are being used in a few Primary Schools and in a local hospital amongst the nursing staff, . I use the exercises myself. A free pdf. is available on

for more information, go to http://www.learnhowtoreadwithizzy.com, or the book can be ordered in bookshops the ISBN number is 978-1-9164811-3-8 90000