Liz Waldy shares an update on her campaign to save the Cinema Museum.

Can you believe it has been just over four years since I started this petition – so much has changed in the world, but still no security for The Cinema Museum.  You might have seen on social media a huge push to get some more signatures before we finally hand the petition to the developers.  You have been the key part of this campaign, some of you since day one!  Can you please help us get as many signatures as we can in a last push before Friday lunchtime!

The Trustees and Volunteers asked me to pass on this message to you.

The Cinema Museum nears the end game in its fight for survival. We intend delivering our ‘Save the Cinema Museum’ petition to our landlords tomorrow, November the 5th, Bonfire Night! This will trigger the launch of the big final fight – we intend smashing previous targets and shooting for the stars. If just half of you can get just two other people to sign then we will rocket past 100,000 signatures by lunchtime tomorrow. That should make anyone sit up and think!

Here is the link

with love and best wishes from the trustees and all the volunteers at The Cinema Museum

So thank you, please share the petition with as many people as you can, far and wide and I look forward to updating you again after tomorrow – hopefully with some good news