“My dear quarantine” is a short, simple story from the time of pandemic–a poetic view of isolation, loneliness and boredom.

The inspiration for the film came during the complete lockdown, when many of us suffered from being closed up in concrete cubes. At the same time, however, something extraordinary happened: wild animals all over the world, intrigued by the sudden silence and peace, visited city centers. Animals walked the city streets, looked into the houses through windows and fences, got to know the charms of the playgrounds and–apparently–had a lot of fun. Their curiosity and innocence contrasted with our loneliness and fears, my dear quarantine portrays that special, poetic moment.

This project is the animation debut of puppeteer and theatre director Ewa Maria Wolska, who, as all theatre people around the globe, couldn’t work in live theatre, or meet with audiences during the last year. This film was made in her own apartment, which was converted into a home animation studio.

Director: Ewa Maria Wolska
Country: Poland