It is an honour to be working with Alex Fidelski and The Reel Scene in 2022.
Film Earl’s Court/ECIFF 2022 awarded a grant towards the production of six short shorts made by young Reel Scene emerging filmmakers.The films have been directed by award winning actor and director Kevin McNally.
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Each course is designed to develop you and provide you with different tools to pursue your acting career.

Part Time  Level 1 and Level 2 3 Month Acting Programme – A great course to develop your acting skills and learn about the industry and audition process. The course is 9 workshops consisting of 3 hours classes over a 3 month period, focusing on areas that may be thrown at you in an audition that also covers foundation in acting. For example, Improvisation cold reading, character and scene analysis, audition technique, Meisner, self-tape and much more. The course ends in class  showcase  and  Q&A on the industry and an agents role, covering the casting process and offering advice to actors.


Level 2

Advanced course leading on from level 1, to continue developing the actor and designed to be a ongoing training course for the actor to keep sharp, confident and prepared for auditions, covering in more depth, Audition technique, Meisner and improvisation.

A week intensive acting course “The Event” – A course designed for those that wish to propel their careers, (the actors/students may have previous experience/training or be extremely natural). The course consists of training, a real audition to a casting director, 2 days on a professional set (with professional crew and director working with the students). The week ends with a business presentation on the industry and what an actor needs to prepare to stand out, finishing with an audition to RS talent for an opportunity for representation. Each day the students work with industry professionals, and they will leave the course with a cinematic professional showreel scene and professional industry acting headshots. 


Screen Acting Year Course –

Our most comprehensive course, You are required to audition for this course, (if the course is of interest you will need to let us know and a scene will be sent out). The course covers in great detail screen acting, training and the film business. The course was designed for multiple reasons: many universities and drama schools focus on training which is important. However, very little is covered on screen acting and understanding the industry that actors wish to pursue. We are the only course that film every month on camera and the footage is edited and sent back to the students to review (this is key as numerous actors do not understand the editor role is key to film making and is the first person to see all the footage). Due to this we teach actors all the key elements to acting on film (including the crew around them and the importance of their roles), the decisions actors make and how these make the edit to the film or not, as the decisions and reactions may be cut out, or technical issues and continuity errors actors make may effect their screen time. The students will gain an understanding of the roles of others on set, the terminology and to make them an experienced and knowledgeable screen actor.

We cover practitioners like Stanislavksi, Meisner and Checkov and incorporate it to screen acting. We work on all genres including Comedy, dramatic, fantasy drama, tv drama’s and cult films(such as scenes from Umbrella academy, quintin taratnitno films, Detective shows such as Line of duty,) roles/parts that the actors will be cast for when leaving training and for popular shows and films so they are prepared for any role that may come their way. We focus on voice – RP (Received pronunciation), American accent and importance of voice on film, with movement, we cover mo-cap with industry professionals who are all working in this field.

We created the course to cover in detail the industry so actors are aware of the career they are choosing to pursue. How films are made, funds raised, pre production, post production, casting process and marketing, distribution, auditions etc…

Our USP is as we bring in industry professionals and as a company we produce, have an agency, we educate our students on the industry. The course ends in shooting a professional short film (professional director and crew) post production is also all professionally completed, grading and a composer writing the music for the film. We do this for multiple reasons, one the student leaves again with headshots and professional footage to add to their portfolio. They also leave with a film to promote themselves, the film is submitted to film festivals. Our last film was accepted into a recent London festival and we were nominated for awards. You can view it here (it is also on Amazon prime now!) (we also hold a private screening with the cast, Reel Scene team and Director to explain the editing process once the film is complete, which is after the course finishes). Next course starts in March 22  (limited spaces available)

– Actors gym account is included in the course for the year and the actor will have their own forum created on it.


Asa Butterfield Masterclass

The masterclass consists of

Day 1  – Industry Q&A with Asa and guests

  • improvisation/ acting exercise performed alongside Asa and the class
  • Working on scenes with partners

Day 2  – improvisation/ acting exercises performed alongside Asa and the class

  • scene work with support from Asa, and Reel Scene Team
  • mock performance of scenes

Day 3  – Filming scenes to camera directed by Asa.

Actors Gym

  • The Actors Gym is an online acting community that offers a range of acting classes, Q&A sessions, resources and workshops (most held over Zoom) as well a huge library of recorded classes.
  • It’s great for beginners as well as experienced actors, and as the classes are held on Zoom, if you’re a little shy at first you can just watch without having to say anything or turn your camera on, but many classes are practical and you’ll be performing scenes with other students over Zoom.
  • Developed by the creators of The Reel Scene acting school in London (including professional agent Alex Fidelski) it’s designed so that you can pick and choose the classes and sessions you’d like to join. Everything is recorded so if you miss a class you can rewatch the session at any time.
  • All of our coaches are working actors, directors, casting directors, agents and producers. Many of them are well known, including actors like Asa Butterfield (Hugo, Sex Education), Kevin McNally (pirates of the Carribean, The Crown, Downton Abbey), David Schaal (The Inbetweeners), Bill Ward (Coronation street, Emmerdale, Ricky Gervais’ After Life), Robin Berry (Andy Serkis’ The Imaginarium), Shobu Kapoor (Citizen Khan) and many more.
  • We also offer 2 self-tape challenges each month. You’re challenged to submit a self-tape on a provided topic and a provided scene, and you receive written feedback from a working industry professional.  We also offer monthly headshot feedback.
  • Our classes cover voice, the Meisner technique, movement, Laban efforts, self-tape technique, screen acting, mental health and much more.
  • We offer an in-house self-tape certificate course to teach beginners everything they need to know about submitting great audition tapes
  • Our classes run at various times – you can see some examples of classes coming up in April at
  • Everything is included, although some of our coaches such as Terry Besson (our voice coach), casting director sessions may be additional or offer private 1-2-1 sessions which can pay for separately.
  • Here is a little clip we shot with Asa Butterfield introducing “The Actors Gym”