Christopher Wright is a lonely man who’s best and only friend is his dog Walter. His son is ignoring him, he has no other family and he lives in an isolated house in the middle of the country. One evening, an inexplicable exact duplicate of Walter turns up in his garden. Unable to tell them apart and perplexed by the whole thing, he has no choice but to house both of them.During the night the new Walter attempts to attack Christopher and leaves him shaken and feeling that there is something very wrong with him. He turns to his son for help but is ignored. The next night Christopher has a surreal nightmare and is awoken by one of the Walter’s banging on his door and trying to force his way into his bedroom. Without knowing what to do he turns to a priest for help and to provide an exorcism, however this also proves to be fruitless as the dogs have the priest fooled. He sees nothing wrong with them at all. When things get even darker and Christopher’s cat is killed he realises that he has to do something about the evil Walter.They both act normally when together and look exactly the same so he has to choose between killing them both or living in fear with both of them. He takes them out to the woods with a shotgun and kills both of the animals. When he is back at his homei n an emotional state from the nights events, he hears barking outside. At first sporadically, but then more frequent, from all around the outside until it is ceaseless and unstopping, he is surrounded by demonic dog spirits. He reaches for his gun.

Writer/Director: Will Haigh. Producers were Nick Woolgar and Frederic O’Donohoe