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Winners and Finalists Competition (2015 to 2019)

For almost six years we have supported and collaborated with some of the most talented emerging film makers in the UK. This year we celebrate our partners’ body of work by inviting those we know, love and respect to submit one film that they feel represents them as a filmmaker. We welcome you to the screening of these films on the 20th and 21st of October. Films will be broadcast online from ECFF 2020 HQ from 7pm. Register here for screening details and to secure an invite to view.


Life’s A Gas

Set on calling it a day with life, a depressed middle aged man finds that he just cannot get a moment’s peace. Maybe today is not a good day to die after all Director – [...]

More than just a Mirror

A 2000 year old decorated Iron Age mirror was found by a metal detectorist in South Oxfordshire, UK, in 2006. This film documents a museum project to take metallurgical samples for research into the mirror’s [...]


Envy and kindness seen through the eyes of two ageing women. Writer/Director/Producer – Robert Hackett Producer – Jane Saunders Producer – Rachel Gundesen

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