Caroline Tod-Richardson, the Festival Director of the Earl’s Court International Film Festival, was recently presented with a bronze award in the highly coveted Woman Changing The World Of The Year category at the prestigious Women Changing The World Awards 2024 in Windsor. This recognition underscores her exceptional contributions to both the community and the film industry.

The Women Changing The World Awards acknowledge the remarkable endeavours of women who are effecting positive change across diverse fields such as business, sustainability, leadership, health, education, product development, innovation, and technology. Rooted in the mission to elevate, celebrate, connect, and support female changemakers and leaders, these awards serve as a catalyst for empowerment and progress.

Caroline expressed gratitude for the recognition, acknowledging the support and inspiration provided by notable figures like Sarah, Duchess of York, Dr. Tererai Trent, Katy Garner, Peace Mitchell, Kathy Rhodes, and Farah Mak. Their collective efforts and vision align with the United Nations’ imperative for gender equality, recognizing women as pivotal agents for achieving the 17 sustainable development goals by 2030. Through initiatives like the Women Changing The World Awards, the journey towards justice, inclusion, and a sustainable future is propelled forward, guided by the resilience and determination of extraordinary women worldwide.

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