12 to 19 November, 2021

In 2020, thousands of people viewed our series of free, live digital short film screenings – each of which had a truly amazing mix of International and Local Short Film Submissions. 

Audiences enjoyed brilliant Home Lockdown Short Film productions, Charity and Community films, and a melodic selection of videos from some of the area’s most talented musicians – ideal for lifting the spirits in these challenging times!

And now, we greatly look forward to the 2021 Film Festival ahead. A hybrid on- and off-line event, we hope you will join us, online and in person (when permitted) in November to watch another stunning selection of local and international short films.


ECFF 2020 Winners Awarded

August 3rd, 2021|0 Comments

Congratulations to our talented and inspiring ECFF 2020 Short Film Winners. The ECFF team welcomed the winners of the 2020 Film Festival to an exclusive event at the K+K George hotel in Earl’s Court Kensington [...]


  1. How do I submit my short film?
    Visit HERE and submit via Film Freeway link
  2. How long should my short film be?
    Up to (and not longer) than 11 minutes.
  3. Do you accept all genres of film?
    We do! From comedy to horror, we welcome all quality submissions.
  4. Do I need to supply a trailer and promotional material?
    Ideally, yes. Once your film has been accepted to screen at ECFF 2021, we then create your very own dedicated webpage where we will host a description of your film, stills from your shoots, a film poster, and your trailer – if available.
  5. How do I make sure my film is not downloaded?
    All films are hosted securely on our servers and there is no download option available.
  6. Do I have to pay to submit my film?
    No. Film submission and Festival review is free until the 18th of July. There is a nominal fee after that date.
  7. How long do you need Festival use of our film for?
    We will need your film to be with us to review, screen and post-event broadcast for 6 weeks, ideally.
  1. What support do you offer Filmmakers?
    We offer grants, location sourcing, co-production and film hub support to our partner filmmakers.
  2. Can I get grant funding?
    We offer grant funding to a select group of filmmakers, but only three grants per annum are awared. To submit your script for review contact Our review panel will be in touch within 30 days. Funds are awarded by an independent judging panel – this is a very competitive process.
  3. Anything you do not fund?
    We do not offer funding for equipment or personnel costs.  Filmmaking costs only.
  1. What dates are the Film Festival in 2021?
    12 to 19 November, 2021
  2. Is the event invite only?
    No, everyone is welcome to attend ECFF 2021, however there will be very limited seats for venue screenings this year due to social distancing requirements at your venues. For those that prefer to watch from home, all events are live streamed each evening of the event.
  3. What price are the tickets?
    Live events are £5 per person and online viewing is free of charge.
  4. Where will screenings be?
    The screenings will be in Earls Court, Soho – full details will be available on our BOOK NOW page from June 2021
  5. Will the events be Covid-19 Safe?
    Yes – all events will comply with Government-guided safety measures
  6. Will there be matinees this year?
    No, we will have evening screenings only. These start at 7pm and end at 9pm, typically. Our Gala and Awards evening will end at 10.15pm (19-11-2021)
  7. Will you be doing outreach screenings this year?
    No, we will not be screening in small community venues as we have in other years. We will be focusing on making our primary screenings Covid-safe, and will look forward to continuing our outreach screenings as it is safe and legally possible to do so.